Prices and Vacancies 

We have vacancies for children of all ages, for both full and part time care, as well as short term and holiday care. Fee's are charged on an hourly basis, with all payments due in advance.

At Little Wings Childcare we pride ourselves in being able to provide a flexible, parent-friendly service.

With this in mind we offer both contracted and non-contracted care.

Contracted care is suitable for those who rely on a permenant space being available, such as during working hours. These contracts assure your child a space within the setting for the duration of the contracted period. A minimum of 5 hours per session is required for contracted care.

10 or more hours contracted care costs £4.50 per hour, per child.

Non-contracted care is a drop off and go service, perfect for someone that needs some irregular child-free time, such as to attend hospital appointments or who have irregular working hours, or to cover their regular childcarers illness/time off.

Non-contracted care costs £5.50 per hour, per child (minimum of 5 hours per session required.) £7.50 per hour, per child at weekends or after 6pm.

 After school (3pm to 6pm)  Fee: £15  additional hours £6.50 per hour.

Your fee's include all drinks, healthy snacks, (except baby formula)  Meals can be supplied for an additional cost.  All meals provided are healthy, home-cooked and child friendly. I am always happy to make adjustments for dietry/cultural requirements.

Saturdays  care costs £5.50 per hour, per child. (£7.50ph non-contracted)

Sundays  care costs £5.50  per hour, per child. (£7.50 ph non-contracted)

Unsocial hours (before 8.30 am and after 6.30 pm) £6.50 per hour per child. (£7.50 non contracted)

We offer a collection and drop home service for our clients - if you wish to use this service, please discuss your requirements with us.

At Little Wings Childcare, we are registered with Cornwall Council to offer the Early Years Entitlement funding to 2, 3 and 4 year olds. This means that the term after your child turns 3 you can access 15 hours of free childcare with registered providers. Some parents are entitled to claim 30 hours per week for 3 and 4 year olds and there are certain criteria to meet if you wish to apply to 15 hours free childcare for your two year old, please check with Cornwall Council for eligibility. If you are interested in registering for full or part time Early Years Entitlement please contact us for more information using the details on the 'Contact' page.

We are also happy to accept payment through various voucher schemes, allowing childcare payment to be taken from your wages before tax.

Breakdown of Hourly Fee's

Contracted Standard Fee: £4.50

After school (3pm to 6pm)  Fee: £15  additional hours £6.50 per hour

Childminder Illness/Holiday: No Fee

Non-contracted Standard Fee: £5.50

Saturdays Fee: £5.50 (£7.50 non-contracted)

Sundays Fee: £5.50 (£7.50 non-contracted)

Unsocial hours (before 8.30 am and after 6.30 pm)  Fee £6.50 (£7.50 non-contracted)

Child Illness: Full Fee's

Child Holiday: Full Fee's

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