Coronavirus Update

Keeping your Children safe at Little Wings Childcare

We understand many parents may feel anxious and uncertain regarding the various differing reports of how early years settings will operate when they open to all children from the beginning of June. At Little Wings Childcare, your children's health and happiness is our highest priority, our day to day life will not change much, however. We already encourage children to wash their hands regularly, and make sure that toys and play spaces are kept hygenic. We will not be enforcing any sort of social distancing, however, with early years children it is simply not possible or practical to ensure that children are kept away from one another, and as childcare professionals it is deeply disturbing to see schools and nurserys set up with taped areas that children are expected to stay in. Children's mental health is as important as their physical health, and in order to ensure that children are able to continue to thrive and develop, they must be made to feel emotionally secure. 

All children are encouraged to wash their hands regularly throughout the day, and we are asking parents not to send any child who has a temperature, or cold/flu symptoms, and to ensure that they are available to collect their child promptly, should their child become unwell during the day. All children have their own cups or water bottles, which are kept out of reach of babies and toddlers - young children are encouraged to drink often throughout the day, but they will be unable to reach other peoples bottles or cups. 

We ask that children do not bring in a variety of toys from home, but special soft toys/blankets or comfort items are of course allowed. When they get discarded, once a child is settled, the item will be placed in the childs bag until needed.

We will also be requesting any babies who use a dummy have a dummy clip.

Aside from these simple measures, children will not be aware that anything strange is going on - they will of course be welcome to come to us for cuddles when they want to, as usual. 



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